One Bad Apple!

*NOTE*  The names have not been changed to protect the innocent or the guilty.  This is a true story as it happened.

After we arrived as managers of the park, it was no secret that we needed to call on the Sheriff's Dept. more than once for assistance.  Some of the teenagers were out of hand.  One young man named, Tom Sawyer vandalized the home of an elderly woman in the park.  We caught him with the items he had stolen and called for a deputy to come out to take a report.  This was our first encounter with Deputy Key.  As he sat in our office and begrudginly wrote the report, he stated that he would much rather be writing a report of a rape or a murder than this report.  He also took it upon himself to decide the "punishment" for Tom Sawyer.  He told Tom to weed and cleanup the elderly woman's yeard.  I was thinking to myself....are you crazy....this woman doesn't want this kid anywhere near her or her property.

So time goes by and another home in the park with two teenage boys living with their alcoholic father, invite their friends over one afternoon and raid the father's alcohol stash.  They also have access to a police scanner.  The neighbors call the office to complain about the loud teens and their drinking.  We call the Sheriff and the boys hear the call on the scanner and get in the car that belongs to one of the boys and get the heck out of there before the cops show up.  We have the liecense number of the car and provide it to the Sheriff.  They talk to the boys who live in the house, nothing is done and the Sheriff drives away.

From my experience at the other trailer park in Marysville, I knew when I filed a police report to go to the station and get a copy of the report for my records.  Imagine my surprise when I read the report to find the wrong license number written down and none of the youths identified.  After several other reports were written with errors.  Lynn and I made an appointment to go down town to see the Under Sheriff.  As we went into his office and he asked us to sit down, he made this statement to us, "I will listen to your story, but if I think you are a couple of jackasses, then I am going to tell you so".  Well, I can tell you that he never called us a couple of jackasses.  He talked to the area substation and the deputy who wrote the wrong report had to come back out to our office and write a new report....he was not happy about that.

This 18 year old guy started hanging around several houses in the park.  He was a big guy about 6 feet 2 inches tall and about 200 pounds.  His name was Steve and whenever there was a problem, Steve was there in the middle of things.  We also had a problem home where a teenage girl with a baby hung out and she was a good example of "white trash".  Her mother lived in the park but the girl did not.

One Saturday afternoon, we had complaints from neighbors about a group of older teenagers hanging out of the porch of the problem home making loud noise.  Lynn and our son drove down and told them to hold down the noise or leave.  They were okay for a while but then about 4 p.m. we started getting calls that two guys, including Steve, were walking up the street headed for the park entrance and they were physically fighting in the street.  Lynn and our son ran down immediately and I followed in the car.  Several residents had already called 911 to report the fight.  When I arrived I saw Steve had Lynn down in some bushes and was choking him.  Our son would try to intervene but the other punk thought he was Chuck Norris and kept karate kicking at our son.  Lynn and I both carried stun guns but had never used them.  I ran up to Steve and used my stun gun on his back.....wrong move on my part, I should have got him on the neck.  All it did was piss him off and he turned on me shouting, "I'm gonna kill you" and he sent me flying, knocking off my glasses and causing me to land on some scalloped brick curb edging.  By this time a crowd was forming and three other men from the park came and wrestled Steve to the ground and used some rope to "hog tie" him in the street.  Finally, here comes one lone Sheriff's car with one deputy.  He gets out of the car and can't comprehend the situation....duh....if you see a group of people standing around and one guy hog tied in the middle of the street....can't you figure out this is the bad guy?  He panics and calls for backup and the next thing you know we have seven, yes, seven police cars blocking the street and the one could come in or leave, plus a police helicopter overhead.

Little "white trash" girl who started it all tells the deputies that Lynn threatened her with a stun gun......Liar, liar since Lynn was busy trying not to be choked to death at the time.  The deputy comes over to us and asks who had the stun gun.  Lynn handed his over but NOT ME...mine went deeper into my coat pocket.  The deputy informed us that if we pressed charges against "white trash" girl, she would press charges against us.  So we backed off.  One of the deputies put Steve in the back of her patrol car since he was being arrested for disorderly conduct.  I must say revenge is sweet...while Steve was sitting in the back of the patrol car he got sick and vomitted all over the car.....that woman deputy was not happy, but I was smiling to myself.

Years earlier in Marysville, Lynn and I took a class to be licensed to carry Mace (pepper spray). We found out the hard way that if a person is very drunk or high on drugs neither Mace or a stun gun will stop them. 

I still have my stun gun and it's always ready with a fresh battery inside.