Feb. 24, 2018




The Captain and I were recently gone for one week on a very special trip.  We flew out of San Diego on Wednesday, April 5th to Baltimore, MD.  Our rental car took us to Annapolis, MD to attend the 60th reunion of the Class of 1957 United States Naval Academy from which The Captain graduated.  The reunion was great fun and The Captain saw many of his classmates including the two roommates he had during his plebe year at the academy.  We visited with friends who attended our wedding, they live in Alexandria, VA and came to our hotel for lunch.

Sunday, April 9th, we left Annapolis headed to Mystic, CT to visit with my son, Scott, who I had not seen for 3 years. The Captain was doing all the driving since I was in charge of monitoring the GPS which at times had a mind of its own.  This was a long drive which took us through New York City on a Sunday afternoon (not a good idea).  The toll on the George Washington Bridge was $15.00 but our rental car had EZ Pass installed.  Not knowing where you are going can be a real problem on the New Jersey Turnpike and that was our situation more than once.  We finally arrived at our hotel in New London, CT. My son and his wife came to our location and we went to dinner with Scott driving our rental car.  Monday, April 10th, we spent most of the day with Scott driving us to different locations, like the sub base in Groton where he works and to Old Town Mystic so I could pick up my one pound of chocolate fudge which I packed away carefully for the trip home……lol.

Tuesday morning, April 11th bright and early back in the rental car, this time headed to PA.  Scott had us traveling a better route to stay away from New York City this time.  We were headed to New Tripoli, PA to meet up with The Captain’s cousin, Tom Benner and his wife, Marianne.  They live out in the country on 12 acres in a very pleasant location.  We enjoyed our visit and went into town to have lunch with them.  We were joined by Dick and Pauline Benner (no relation) in town.  Dick Benner and The Captain grew up together in North Catasauqua, PA. We left New Tripoli and headed to North Catasauqua to view the childhood home of The Captain.  It had a For Sale sign on the home as well as legal looking papers attached to the front door…possible eviction or teardown notice.  Dick Benner and The Captain were surprised to see the notices.

It was time to work our way back to the Baltimore area to our hotel for the night before flying home the next day, Wednesday, April 12th.  Thanks to poor directions and a goofy GPS we got lost somewhere……had to stop and ask directions twice.  Driving on and on it was now dark as we approached Baltimore…..finally we found the hotel and had survived another day of driving in places we should not have been.

Wednesday, April 12th had arrived and after we found the car rental drop off we were driven to the airport by a very nice young lady from Avis….we checked in and waited for our return flight to San Diego.  

The lesson learned was we are too old to take a trip where so much driving is involved in places we are not familiar with in a short amount of time.  The trip wore us out and over a week later we are just beginning to feel human again.

Photo is The Captain with cousin Tom Benner and wife Marianne and longtime school friend Dick Benner with wife Pauline.  These two Benner's are not related.  Photo taken in New Tripoli, PA.