Oct. 27, 2018

I have moved!!

We just finished moving from a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath two story fourplex on Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA to a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom ground floor apartment in Chula Vista, CA.  Even though I sold or got rid of many items, we still have too much and hardly any space.  The movers were good but at the end of the line, they just piled stuff high where ever they could find space.  That has left me a disaster to sort through and find a place to put things.  I am now 76 years old and hubby is 84 and this move was the most stressful situation we have encountered.  I try each day to put something away and empty some of the crates but things are stacked so high or so deep that it is nearly impossible to get to items.  I was careful to label the crates but somehow they got put in the wrong room.  Our previous location was 2,600 sq. ft with a two car garage.  Now we are in 1,020 sq. ft with covered carport parking that is not even close to where we live.  I have tried to do as much as I can because hubby has some serious health issues.  We will not be traveling to family for Christmas.  For the past few years we have done that and secured a hotel room for the night, so we would not be traveling on the freeways after dark.  I'm sorry this is such a downer of an updated post and hopefully very soon things will be better.  The good part is we are out of the military housing and no more two story home with 17 steps up and 17 steps down.

We are now closer to Coronado so we can attend the weekly meetings of the Coronado Optimist Club and visit with friends.