Nov. 25, 2018

A Month Later....

Ok, a month has passed since we moved and still not entirely unpacked.  I had some problems with my left knee again and ended up in extreme pain and two trips to Kaiser Urgent Care along with an ultra-sound on that knee. I did not have a blood clot but it apprears to have been a Baker's Cyst.  That happens frequently to people with knee problems and arthritis.  Fluid building up behind the knee and then the cyst bursts causing much pain. I was limping around with a cane but now I am much better, not taking Tylenol for pain and using the cane much less. Now hubby is down with the "creeping Crud"  which includes a terrible cough, hoarse voice and exhaustion.  Making sure he is getting plenty of rest and fluids. 

Thanksgiving Day was good, we had dinner at Peohe's in Coronado, just way too much food.  It was a quiet day for us with a few phone calls from family members.  Getting used to our new place and for the most part it is nice and quiet.  I put up what few Christmas decorations I saved and brought with us.  I just want us both to be well and feeling better.