Dec. 17, 2018

Breakfast at The Marriott

Sunday morning we left in the car to drive to Coronado for breakfast at The Marriott, one of our favorite places.  It took 40 minutes to drive there with not much traffic on the road from our new location in Chula Vista.  What a shock when we arrived to find the place under new construction.  At this point in time, The Captain can walk better than me.  I am still wearing a knee brace and the parking lot was a little bit of a hike.....when we got up front there was an empty handicapped parking place we could of  We found our way back to a little room doubling as their place to eat.  Our favorite server, Marco, was not working so we asked for Kathy instead.  The new dining room will not be ready until April of 2019 so we will wait until then to return.  We always enjoy people watching and there was plenty of that.  An older couple came in and the man was wearing overalls which reminded me of a dear friend I knew in Sacramento.  You don't see people wearing overalls that much anymore.  It had me wondering where they were from.  Another couple came in and later a young couple joined them.  It was easy to tell they were the parents of either the young man or young woman. I could hear some of their conversation and decided it was time for me to part with some of my dragonfly zipper pulls.  When I approach total strangers you can see they are wondering who I am and what am I selling.  First I went to the couple with the gentleman in the overalls.  I told them I made jewelry and gave these away whenever I could.  I gave the lady a green dragonfly and she was delighted.  I asked where they were from and they said Arizona. 

I stopped next at the table with the two couples.  I asked the young man if he was in the Navy and he said that he was in the Marines.  I told him we had just moved from living at Camp Pendleton to which he said that is where he and his wife lived.  I laughed and told him, "You belong there......we did not" to which we all laughed.  I told them I was married to a retired Navy Captain who was from the class of 1957 from the US Naval Academy.  The older gentleman immediately stood up to shake The Captain's hand and they all thanked him for his service.  At that point I gave both the ladies dragonfly zipper pulls and they thanked me and wished us a Merry Christmas.  That made us feel good and especially me since unless I go out someplace I don't have a chance to give out the zipper pulls and I was falling behind in my mission to do that.

On our way back home we stopped at the commissary in Imperial Beach and I had the opportunity to give out another dragonfly zipper pull to the young woman cashier at the checkout stand.  She was thrilled and you can always tell when you make someone's day by a simple act of kindness.