Jan. 12, 2019

New Post of the New Year 2019

Hello and Happy New Year to all reading my blog.  Hope the New Year is off to a good start for you all.  The Captain and me are hoping to make this a much better year and are off to a good start.  Getting things organized is the first step since this move a few months ago was a real challenge for us.  I am slowly getting things put away, some items sold or just taken to the dumpster, some favorite pictures hung again.  I have sold or gotten rid of all my painting supplies and passed them on to other people who will put them to good use.  Finding all my tools and supplies to start making jewelry again is finally happening.  I want to try something different this year and do a little metal work around my cabochons and I guess time will tell if that works out for me.  Practice, practice, practice is how you get better and achieve the results you want.  I'll keep you posted again soon on what's going on here in Chula Vista at the Madouse house.