Jul. 1, 2019

No Fun Happening Here!

It's been almost 3 months since my last post and they were not fun months.  The Captain fell on May 1st and broke his hip.  He was operated on May 2nd and on May 3rd was his 85th birthday.  May 4th he was transferred to a rehab facility where he stayed until I finally got to bring him home on May 31st.  PT has been coming to the house two days a week and OT was here a few times as well.  He is progressing slowly and still must use a walker to get around.  He cannot walk on his own yet without a walker.  I had his bathroom ready when he came home with a raised seat toilet with arm rests like a walker and also a tub transfer bench for when he would be taking showers.  I have new respect for caregivers now because it is a never ending job.  He is eating better now that he is home and eating my cooking.  He lost 16 pounds during all of the time away from home.  At least the rehab facility was only 2 blocks from where we live.  I spent between 8 to 10 hours everyday at the facility to make sure he was receiving good care.  The month he has been home has been a challenge at times for both of us.  I bought a transport chair that I keep in the trunk of the car to use when we go places that are too far for him to go with the walker.  He is working hard daily to get better and be able to walk again soon with the aid of a cane.  His feet were cold in the picture so I let him wear my Pink Flamingo slippers as a joke.