Mar. 12, 2020



The year was 1979 and I attended my first Male Stripper show at a Disco nightclub in Yuba City, CA named Track99. I was with a few of the women school bus drivers that I worked with at Marysville Unified School District.  It was a fun night and fueled my interest in male strippers. I attended a couple of more shows in Marysville and when I moved to Sacramento, I still enjoyed an occasional show.  My husband never minded that I went to the shows because he knew I would come home all hyper from the show.  He was always a good sport.

After I became a widow in late 2003, my interest in the shows picked up. One of the male dancers I had seen many years earlier was now the manager of his own group of male strippers.  Going to those shows was very entertaining for me and the dancers were always polite and courteous towards me.

When I met The Captain in late 2008, I did not feel the need to attend the shows any longer. We would be married in February of 2010 and he was all I needed to keep me happy.

Fast forward to September of 2018 and  we were living on base at Camp Pendleton, CA.  One day all the smoke alarms in the house went off at the same time with sirens and a voice telling us to get out of the house.  I quickly ran through the house and determined there was no fire but we had already called 911.  The 911 operator told us to go outside and wait for the Fire Dept. to arrive.  I was thinking to myself, oh good, some good looking, young firemen will be here soon.  What a huge disappointment when they arrived.  Fat, bald, old men fire fighters, not what I was expecting at all.

On May 1, 2019, when The Captain fell and broke his hip, I called 911 and waited for the firemen to arrive. They were a much better representation of what I was expecting rather than the bunch up at Camp Pendleton.  After The Captain was put in the ambulance, I was in the house with the remaining firemen who were picking up their equipment.  I felt I could use some levity about that time so I related the story about the Camp Pendleton firemen to the one fireman who was still in the house.  He asked me, “how did we do” and I gave him two thumbs up and we both had a good laugh that afternoon.

The picture you see with this story was taken in June of 2004 with The Thunder From Down Under when they appeared in Reno, NV.