Sep. 22, 2020

We Are Working Hard!

This lock down for the pandemic has been a real challenge for both of us.  We need to get The Captain moving again, walking to get his strength and stamina back again.  He is trying very hard to get better.  Today we took a walk outside with the 4 wheel walker with the seat.  We walked on the sidewalk in front of our apartment.  We were just out for 15 minutes and he had to stop and rest on the seat twice, but it's a start and it will get better.  It's difficult for people to understand what goes on when you are a caregiver for someone you love for 24/7 unless you have experienced it yourself.  I have been giving him haircuts since this all started and just gave him haircut #9 a few days ago.  We have each other and that is the most important thing in the world.