Oct. 2, 2020

My 78th Brithday Police Car Parade

Just had my 78th birthday on September 26th.  I sent a letter to the Chula Vista Police Department asking for a request.  I told them about The Captain and me, how we met online on a senior’s dating website and that he was a retired Navy Captain.  I mentioned his fall and hip replacement surgery and that he was now handicapped and could not walk unassisted without a walker.  Also told them how the Covid-19 had really kept us home and mostly alone.  I commented on watching the police car parades for little kids who could not have a birthday party because of the pandemic and the police cars driving by with lights and sirens to the delight of the child.  My request was to have a police car parade come passed our apartment on my birthday.  The letter was written about a week before my birthday and I did not hear anything until the morning of my birthday around 9 a.m. when I received a phone call from one of the police officers.  He told me that he had seen my letter and that I wanted them to come by the apartment.  He was not sure how many police cars he could round up but we picked a time of 11 a.m.  The Captain, my daughter, Lisa, who was visiting for the first time in over a year and myself were outside waiting.  Another phone call at 10:45 a.m. from same police officer stating there were 4 cars outside the property and he knew they were early, but could they come on in, I told him to come on in.  In our first conversation he thanked me for our support of the police and I told him this event was really going to make my day.  I had called the apartment manager earlier to warn her they might be coming in and not to panic.  As we stood outside waiting, the four police units came into view with lights flashing and sirens going.  I can only say I became very emotional at my request being granted.  The first car officer said on the loud speaker, “Happy Birthday” with the other 3 police cars following behind, all waving to us.   At the end of the road they turned around and drove back by again with the first car officer thanking my Captain for his service.  We could also hear the music playing in one of the cars, Bad Boys, What you gonna do when they come for you, from the COPS TV show.  My daughter and I were both taking videos with our cell phones although mine was a little shaky because I didn’t want to miss a thing.  Some of our neighbors came running out not knowing what was going on and when I told them it was my police car birthday parade, they thought that was a great way for me to celebrate my birthday.  I wrote a letter to the Police Chief a couple of days later thanking her as well and telling her how much this meant to my husband and me.  The police don’t hear enough good things these days and I wanted them to know how much we support them.