Oct. 5, 2020



It was 12 years ago today on October 5, 2008 that I arrived in San Diego from Sacramento for a business convention.  In August of 2008, I had met a retired Navy Captain on a senior’s dating site online.  We had talked on the phone and through emails and had agreed to meet in person on this date in San Diego.  Little did I know, that day and date would change my life forever and bring me much happiness.  We were both widowed and not long into that first date, The Captain told me there was nothing that we would not do for me.  We met again the next day and we both discovered this was “love at first sight”.  We saw each other on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday before I made the return trip back to Sacramento on Thursday.  I bet you are wondering why we did not see each other on Tuesday?   He explained that he was going to a Neil Diamond concert on that Tuesday evening and I thought to myself, I like Neil Diamond and that evening while I was attending convention activities it hit me….I bet he has a date!   He explained later that the evening had been  planned by his daughter and her husband and the lady he took as his date had told him she had some health issues and thought it was better if they did not see each other again.  A few months later she sent him an email telling him what a fool she had been to let him go.  Yes, dear lady, but thank you for giving him to me.  The last night in town at the convention was a Wednesday and was the  President’s Dinner Dance.  I really wanted to invite The Captain to escort me to this event but the tickets were $125 each.  Many convention attendees were scrambling to find extra tickets people were not going to use but after some serious thought, I decided if I could not find an extra ticket, I would pay the $125 for the ticket because I felt he was worth it.  A dear friend of mine gave me her extra ticket since she was not going to attend the event.  It was a great evening for us and many of my friends could tell something special was in the air when they saw us together.

I remember our first date like it was yesterday.  It started with lunch and ended long after dinner.  Two different places he took me that day thought we were a nice looking married couple and this was our first date.

The photo you see here is one taken that Wednesday evening at the Dinner Dance.  Never give up, you never know what might be around the next corner waiting for you.  I had been a widow  for 5 years when I met The Captain.  We were married on February 20, 2010 and celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this year.