Nov. 19, 2020


Thanksgiving Revisited

Growing up as a child in Fresno, CA, my parents, me and my sisters lived together in the same house with my grandmother.  Grandma was an excellent cook and could do miracles with a pound of hamburger when necessary.  Grandma loved fixing holiday meals and we all enjoyed her culinary feasts.  There was a routine for certain things like the dressing for the turkey.  She would set out a tray with bread slices days in advance waiting for the bread to dry out and be stale enough for cutting into cubes for the dressing.  She always made cornbread to go into the dressing.  We had special dishes for different items.  Two of my favorite dishes were older cut glass dishes, one with a pedestal and one without.  These two dishes were always for the cranberry sauces, one jellied and one chunky.  All these years later, 70 plus years, I still have those two cut glass fancy dishes.  Daddy always had the job of mashing the potatoes and he put all of his strength into mashing those potatoes. The olives, pickles, candied yams, green beans, dressing, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce and rolls were always enjoyed by all of us at the table.  Pies were for dessert, usually pumpkin and sometimes mincemeat pie.

I enjoyed my childhood and those wonderful meals that Grandma cooked and all the warm memories they still bring to mind.  In my 43 years of marriage to my first husband, Lynndle, I don’t really recall if I ever cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner myself.  If I did, it never could have compared to Grandma’s.

As crazy as the world is right now, I hope you and your friends and families will have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and make new memories to keep.