Nov. 24, 2020



Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 4 p.m. we lost our AT&T connection with means we were without television, internet and the house telephone landline.  We had used all three during the day so this came as a total surprise to us.  The only form of communication we had was my cell phone which only has internet on it when I am inside the house.  I used my cell phone to call AT&T service department which only got me as far as a robot.  On my third call, I finally go to speak to a real live person.  The guts of the AT&T equipment, is located underneath the bedroom television stand and I needed to practically stand on my head using a flashlight to understand what cable or cables I was to disconnect and then reconnect after a certain period of time.  Nothing worked and the customer service person said she would set up an appointment for a service repairman to come out but the soonest appointment would be Tuesday, November 24, 2020 between 10 a.m. and noon.  We were not thrilled having to wait for several days for this failure to be repaired.  She also told me if the problem was on our end, there would be a one- time fee of $99 charged to us but, if it was their problem there would be no charge to fix it.

We both mumbled and grumbled to ourselves but by Sunday morning I had figured out how to cure our boredom.  Several years ago, I had purchased a DVD player which I hardly ever used, so I started looking into the DVD’s I had and got busy getting them ready to view.  Some were really corny like old westerns, The Cisco Kid, Annie Oakley, Bat Masterson but we watched them all.  We enjoyed the two music videos with Michael Buble and George Strait.  Even Wolfgang liked George Strait.  We watched Groundhog Day, Rear Window and The Thunder Down Under is Reno.  I also came across a short video in August of 2007 where by plastic surgeon was on the Channel 3 Noon News explaining a procedure and he used the before and after pictures of my facelift done in 2005.  I had to warn The Captain of that “before” picture before it flashed on the screen.  The old cult movie “Duel” one of my favorites was stilled to watched along with The Birdcage another favorite of mine.  A very special one we watched was Siegfried and Roy and The Magic Box telling of their rise to stardom.  These were all watched on Sunday and Monday.

Hooray for Tuesday!  We anxiously awaited the AT&T tech person to show up Tuesday morning.  He called my cell phone to say he was outside on the street coming into the entrance of our apartment complex where the cable box was located for the complex.  He had checked our individual wires and had found of the two copper wires that connected our service to AT&T, one of the wires was broken and this is what caused the interruption of service for our phone, cable TV and internet service.  He had made the repair and the service was up and running but he would be at our apartment in a couple of minutes to make sure everything was as we expected.  He arrived shortly and made sure all service was running correctly.  I asked him about my contacting AT&T to ask for a credit adjustment on my bill since we had been without service for 3 days and he recommended I do that.  He was very nice and gave me his card with his direct phone number in case this should happen again.  We thanked him and as he prepared to leave, I told him we were wondering is this had been a test run for what to expect when the end of the world was coming and he laughed.

Needless to say, it was an interesting few days, left to our own devices for entertainment.