Feb. 14, 2021

Miss Piggy Was Here!

The year was 1982 and we were managing a trailer park in Marysville, CA while I was also driving a school bus for Marysville Unified School District.  A local radio station was going to hold a Best Costume Party Contest at a local club in Marysville.  The first prize was a trip for two to Hawaii.  My husband, Lynn, encouraged me to enter the contest and I decided to go as the Muppet Miss Piggy.  I was overweight at the time and had purple tights and a purple leotard and I made a net overskirt and had a real set of adult tap dancing shoes and a feather boa.  A lady in the park gave me a blonde wig and Lynn spent a few hours making the pig ears and a pig snout out of foam.  We used makeup to make the ears and snout flesh colored.  When the night of the contest arrived, Lynn wished me luck and sent me on my way alone.  I don’t blame him having a date with a pig was not every man’s dream.  At the club there was a DJ playing music and people were dancing.  I stood there not wanting to be bothered but a group of 3 young Hispanic men kept watching me, I’m sure it was the blonde wig.  When they started to play a fast dance, one of the fellows came and asked me to dance and I figured I needed to be seen by the judges if I had a chance of winning.  As we are dancing, I heard a loud thud on the floor next to me and looked down and my dance partner was on the floor, probably too many beers for him.  I quickly danced myself right off the dance floor, like I didn’t know this guy and what he was doing on the floor.

I didn’t win the contest and was beat out by a person dressed like a bottle of Final Strength Tylenol.  This was in 1982 when the news was reporting someone tampering with bottles of Tylenol and putting poison in the bottles, causing death to some.

I was overweight again but you get the point of the Miss Piggy costume from the picture.  Never a dull moment where I was concerned.