Apr. 7, 2021


As we become older and enter the twilight years of our life, we have experienced many things and have many stories that could be told.  When I met the Captain in 2008 on a dating site for seniors online, we were both widowed.  We both had long and happy marriages and had lost our spouses suddenly with no warning and no chance to say goodbye.  My marriage had been for 43 years and the Captain’s marriage for 31 years. I have always felt that God sent me this wonderful man so that neither of us had to live alone.  We share a very special love and unfortunately none of our children have shared a love this wonderful.  I will be 79 years old this year and the Captain will be 87 in less than a month.

Two years ago, he fell and broke his hip and even with many months of PT he is not able to walk by himself without using a walker.  Our life changed big time to adjust to that new challenge, but we did.  Then in 2020 came along the pandemic and more challenges to deal with.  We were no longer able to go out to eat and only left home for medical appointment, banking or grocery shopping.  The Captain would ride along in the car for some errands and I took him to his medical appointments.  We discouraged family from coming to visit since they were much more active than we were.  The Captain has several health challenges and a compromised immune system.  For the past two years, I have been his caregiver 24/7 and I am always looking for ways to make his days more interesting.  I’m not perfect so sometimes I fail but that makes me try even harder.

We both have adult children who are sometimes indifferent towards us.  They could contact us more frequently but we get the feeling they think we are old, with poor memories and not worth listening to.  That is probably true but, we do deserve respect.  We can’t change your lives, you are responsible for yourselves and should be making every effort to live the best life you can, while you can.  Nothing and no one will last forever and when we are no longer on the face of this earth, you will have no one left who can answer your questions about events in our lives.

I thank God every morning and every night for allowing me this wonderful man to love and take care of.  He is my world.  We have both had our 2 Covid vaccinations but are being cautious about family coming to visit because they are much more out in the public than we are. We were both deeply hurt and disappointed by  two family members recently and we hope they will apologize for their behavior.