Apr. 28, 2021


What I am about to tell you is troubling at most. Whenever I am out in public, I try to be aware of all situations around me, since I would be considered an easy mark for someone who wanted to rob me or do me harm.  I was grocery shopping at Ralph’s early this morning and when I walked back to my car, parked in handicap parking, I noticed a car one space down from me that was backed into the parking space but was not backed in very far at all.  In the front seat was the male driver, a woman passenger and someone in the back seat. The ones I could see were black and Hispanic in their 20’s.  I put the trunk up to my car and they looked at me, and I looked at them.  I finished loading my groceries in the trunk, unlocked the car and quickly got in and locked the car doors, like I always do. I was safe in my car and immediately this young man and young woman came running out of the store as fast as they could.  They were laughing and jumped into the car where the others had been waiting and the driver took off at a high rate of speed.  Two store employees came out of the store and quickly tried to get a picture of the car or license plate number to no avail.  It was obvious this group was up to no good and this was at 8:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. My guess is there was probably drugs or weapons in that car and these young hoodlums wonder why they get shot by the police.